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Vizro-AI extends Vizro to enable a user to use English or other languages to effortlessly create interactive charts with Plotly.

If you're new to coding, Vizro-AI simplifies the process of creating charts that offer detailed insights about your data. Even if you're an experienced data practitioner, Vizro-AI optimizes how you create visually appealing charts.

Vizro-AI uses a large language model and Plotly to generate code for an interactive chart that you can add into a Vizro dashboard application. By using Vizro's themes, you can incorporate design best practices by default.

Gif to demonstrate vizro-ai


Review the disclaimer before using the vizro-ai package.

Users must connect to large language models (LLMs) to use Vizro-AI. Please review our guidelines on the use of LLMs and the required safeguarding for dynamic code evaluation.